Who we are

Gunnar Aberg, Ph.D., is the President of Bridge Pharma, Inc. He was head of pharmacology departments in Swedish, Swiss and US pharmaceutical companies and was Senior VP for Research at Sepracor, MA, USA before founding Bridge Pharma, Inc. Gunnar is an inventor of about 100 US patents and has authored more than 100 scientific publications. He has participated in more than a dozen research projects that lead to approved and marketed drugs.

Vincent B. Ciofalo, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor in Pharmacology. Dr. Ciofalo joined Bridge Pharma 15 years ago after holding positions in pharmacology and toxicology with increasing responsibilities in pharmaceutical companies, such as Schering, Wallace and Boehringer Ingelheim (US) and Vice President and Scientific Director in the CRO Pharmakon / Calvert in Pennsylvania, USA. Vince is the inventor of about twenty US and International patents and has authored numerous scientific publications.

Herbert E. Kaufman, MD, Professor Emeritus, is involved in an ocular project at Bridge Pharma, Inc., which concerns a self-preserving drug for ocular use. Professor Kaufman is the author of more than 900 scientific publications and he is the inventor of several patents. Professor Kaufman has been involved in the development of several approved and marketed drugs.

John McCullough, Ph.D., Professor of Pharmacology. Professor McCullough retired from his position as full professor at UMass Medical School and joined Bridge Pharma, Inc in January 2020. Professor McCullough worked together with Dr. Aberg at Squibb / BMS and Sepracor before returning to Academia in 2000. John is an inventor of about fifty US and International patents, he has authored numerous scientific publications and participated in the R&D leading to six approved and marketed drugs.

Kresimir Pucaj, DVM, MSc, DABT has extensive experience in veterinary medicine, experimental pathology and toxicology. Dr. Pucaj has spent over 25 years as a director and head of research at a major preclinical Canadian CRO. His time is currently shared between Zagreb in Croatia where he founded CroToxPath Consulting and Toronto where he is President of Bridge Pharma Toronto, Inc.

Paul Stewart obtained his Bachelor Degree in Business Management from Purdue University and his Masters Degree in Business Administration from Harvard Business School and is a Certified Licensing Professional. Paul was Head of Business Development at a major US pharmaceutical company before starting PASCO Ventures in Denver, Colorado. Paul is our business development specialist and is currently involved in the out-licensing of norketotifen for Bridge Pharma, Inc.

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