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BRIDGE PHARMA, Inc. is a privately held research and development company, presently focusing on medications for the treatment of specific dermal and pulmonary diseases. BRIDGE PHARMA’s projects address unmet medical needs within large and growing global markets and offer new therapies with significant improvements over existing treatments.

BRIDGE PHARMA’s Main Offices are located in Sarasota FL, USA and Toronto, ON, Canada. The Company's laboratory and clinical research is performed in collaboration with experienced CROs and academic specialists in the US, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, China and India.

BRIDGE PHARMA, Inc. develops and tests its drug candidate molecules through the preclinical and early clinical phases, whereupon the Company seeks out-licensing partners.


Bridge Pharma’s drug candidate NORKETOTIFEN (NK) is the active metabolite of ketotifen (Zaditor®, Novartis). However, for patients with atopic dermatitis (AD), pruritus, asthma or COPD, the ketotifen molecule is an unfortunate pro-drug and the therapeutic effects of ketotifen reside in the active metabolite, norketotifen(NK). Bridge Pharma has found NK to be a potent inhibitor of the release of multiple pro-inflammatory cytokines, such as for example: TNFα (compare adalimumab; Humira® Abbvie), IL-5 (compare mepolizumab; Nucala® GSK) and IL-4 / IL-13 (compare dupilumab; Dupixent® Sanofi). Thus, NK is a potent, orally active and cost-effective alternative to several monoclonal antibodies.

Unlike the heavily sedating prodrug ketotifen, NK is free from sedative effects in dogs and in humans.

In clinical Phase-1 studies, NK was rapidly absorbed (Tmax = 2 hrs ) and had long plasma half-life (t ½ = 12 hrs) after oral administrations to healthy volunteers.

To date, Bridge Pharma has focused on dermal and pulmonary indications of NK, as summarized herein.

Current Research Projects

BRIDGE PHARMA, Inc. is an R&D company and intends to out-license its NK projects.

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